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Do you want to make instant cash?
It is easier than you think! Simply refer friends and family to our classified ads marketplace and you would be smiling to the bank! is like Craigslist with a glaring difference – revenue sharing with users who become a member of the new Instant Cash Referral Network. It’s Craigslist on steroids!
The idea, instant cash referral reward network, is aimed at providing a solution to age long newspaper reward promised by local and national advertisers that they seldom kept, and very slow if kept. We now live in a fast-moving world, in a quick-fix society where we also need instant gratification for everything. Therefore, “Instant Cash Referral Reward” is here to stay! It’s the now, and the future.
So far, it’s revolutionizing viva voce (words of mouth). Words of mouth marketing and advertising is currently powered by Instant Cash Referral Reward which is reimaging in every local community around the world. With an understanding and appreciation of the ‘saying’ that “the right to take lies only in giving,” it is the engine for lasting growth. There is now a new energy in a realistic instant cash reward prompting and reinventing the words of mouth marketing or direct selling.
Through individual networking, youths, friends, acquaintances, and families are mobilized in every given local community and around the world to patronize their local businesses, and create real opportunities by sharing revenue with the local users through instant cash referral reward. Join the millions of people already registered on and start earning now!

Earn Unlimited Instant and Referral Cash
Get paid instant cash and recurring income for referrals to The Classified ad Marketplace allows free users to become members/sponsors and backers, and get paid up to $50.00 or 50% referral based cash money on membership, and other services in their local community around the world. It’s not just like many other reward programs on the internet. It’s instant because it works with PayPal to make your referral cash payment prompt. Just refer friends and earn instant cash, month after month, and year after year of residual income. Simply refer a friend, receive an alert, and check your PayPal account; no waiting!

Showcase Your Offer and Earn Simultaneously – a free classified ad, Instant Access to Private Label Rights Digital Products (e-Books, Software & Scripts, Videos, Graphics, Articles and audios), and membership marketplace combined – gives users the opportunity to showcase their offer and earn unlimited instant cash referral money simultaneously. It really doesn’t get any better than that!

Share Referral Link and Earn More Marketplace not only provides members with a unique referral link to share and post on their blog or send via email, it is also linked to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook/Groups. This can boost members’/sponsors’ and backers’ earning potentials greatly, provided they are not spamming family, friends, and followers. It also has fantastic opportunity for passive or residual income.

Great Earning Potential
The math on these is quite astounding, as you generally see sponsors/members earning up to $50/referral based cash money on membership. That means for each sign up, the referral member earns instant cash of up to $50, and recurring income of up to $50. Multiply this by the size of their network/sponsorship in every given year, leveraging their personal network, and you can see the high earning potential.

Local Revenue Sharing Marketplace is truly active and involved in every local community we serve globally, and support individuals, small, and midsize businesses with common sense approach in sharing revenue generated from each community with the people. Instant Cash Referral reward is focused on giving something (50% revenue) back to the local, and global community that partner with Classified Ad Marketplace.

Why choose us?
One of the main reasons why many people are never able to achieve success with referral systems and networks is because they must always wait, weeks, and even months to start seeing their results, if ever. This is not an ideal situation for anyone who is looking to get the right kind of results in the least amount of time possible, and that is one of the main reasons why created Instant Cash Referral Network using PayPal payment platform to help make this a reality that helps millions of people around the world.
The new “Instant Cash Referral Network” is a connected local community of users building connected Cash Referral Network across the globe through Everybody of legal age has equal opportunity to participate and earn instant cash referral money. We promote “side-by-side” method, no downline. You only get paid on your direct referral and they stack up for you, year after year, for you to earn all over again. This is going to allow many people to start working on their own around the world, and to boost their local economy with a powerful, useful, and real opportunity to be independent and see their dreams come true by using the earned income for their personal business and projects. knows that backing a project is an investment that you want to be able to choose carefully, and it’s always important to know if your money is going to be invested properly. Our main goal with this business is to ensure that our clients can prosper and benefit from our business in the same way that it allows us to succeed. This is the reason why our philosophy is to give back what is given to us in equal measure, and this is the key to a successful and peaceful society that embraces equal and balance remuneration for the work that is provided, making our project an extremely valuable choice to back and support globally.
It is your turn to earn effortlessly and instantly. Showcase your offer, start referring, and watch your account grow rapidly!