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Published at 2017, August 11
The New Order - Instant Cash Referral Network, Set it up and grow. Hotslist has become one of the
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Setup Your Own Direct Personal Network, and Share with Your Friends for FAST Replication and Duplication
Faster Peer-to-Peer Social Funding!

Are you interested in making some steady extra money?
Then it is high time you joined the newly launched Instant Cash Referral Network, and build your steady, uninterrupted peer-to-peer cash funnel. The Hotslist powered referral based cash money is cumulative for members year after year.
When you join our Instant Cash Referral Network, you get an unlimited access to referral cash money. Join millions of people around the world already enjoying the new solution for the new age’s instant gratification.

New Instant Cash Order
It’s really the new instant cash referral order! It works, it’s better, and it’s all common-sense idea that has come to change the ’old order’. One of the main reasons why people are never able to achieve success with the old referral system is because they always have to wait for a long period of time to start seeing results, if ever.
Our classified ads marketplace is the perfect solution for anyone looking to get the right kind of results in the least amount of time possible!

Instant Cash Payment
Making instant cash payment a reality is one of the reasons why Hotslist created the Instant Cash Referral Network. Technologically using the PayPal payment platform, Hotslist has become one of the first “Adaptive Payments Actors and Objects,” guaranteeing instant cash payments on all referrals.
Our two-way-split system also helps millions of people around the world enjoy instant cash referral reward as never seen before. Members receive instant notification for every single qualified referral made to the system.

Local Revenue Sharing
Hotslist allows free users to upgrade to membership level, and start referring and earning up to $50 or 50% referral based cash money on membership and other services in their local communities around the world.

Great Earning Potential
The maths on these is quite astounding, as you can generally see members get paid up to $50 referral based cash money on every single membership and keep. That means for each sign up, the referral member earns instant cash up to $50, followed by recurring annual cumulative income of up to $50. Multiply this by the size of their network in every given year, leveraging their personal cumulative network, and you can see the high earning potential.
The massive benefits of joining the Instant Cash Referral Network include:

  • It’s easy! Simply setup your direct referral network and start making money.
  • Have fun, share your link with your friends, and help them make unlimited amount of money too!
  • No special skill required! Our classified ad marketplace is basically friends helping friends earn real money by expanding their networks.
  • Your referrals are not placed under anyone! Hotslist uses side-by-side method to qualify every member to start benefiting from every single referral made.
  • Get paid for each referral made to Hotslist classified ad marketplace!

This is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY you cannot afford to miss out on! It is high time you started earning effortlessly and instantly. Showcase your offer, refer by sharing your referral link, and watch as your cash stack up!